Here you can find information on the initial high level social games heuristics. These can be used in ideation, design and evaluation. Detailed information on these heuristics will be presented later.

SG1 – Accessibility – Making the game easy to approach, understand and play.

SG2 – Interruptability – Taking advantage of social network use context.

SG3 – Continuity – Providing asynchronous and permanent game world.

SG4 – Discovery – Creating an interesting setting with new content to discover.

SG5 – Virality – Promoting various means for viral growth.

SG6 – Narrativity – Using vivid in-game and off-game narratives for eliciting curiosity.

SG7 – Expression – Supporting player’s self-discovery and ability to customize.

SG8 – Reciprocity – Allowing players to share and exchange in-game resources easily.

SG9 – Sociability – Using social network as a game mechanic.

SG10 – Competition – Promoting playful social competition in the game.

  1. Lars Bojen
    September 25, 2010 at 01:15

    Wow. Looks very promising! I have also been inspired by “game mechanics” ideas from http://www.shufflebrain.com . Looking forward to some articles about how the SoPlay heuristics can add value in social game creation processes. Keep up the good work!
    Best regards Lars Bojen, eal.dk

    • Rojola
      September 27, 2010 at 11:19

      Thank You for the comment and link!

      The first article should be soon’ish in ACM Digital Library, with these details more or less:

      Paavilainen, J (2010) Critical Review on Video Game Evaluation Heuristics: Social Games Perspective. In proceedings of Future Play 2010 Conference. Vancouver, Canada.

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