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Researh Report on Social Games by GP Bullhound

April 20, 2010 Leave a comment

GP Bullhound has published a short research report on social games. The PDF report can be viewed here.

Looking forward, we believe growth drivers of the social gaming industry will be: i) Internet penetration, ii) social networking penetration, iii) gaming penetration, and iv) ARPU.

Growth in Internet penetration lays the fundamental building block for growth in the overall social gaming industry.  According to Forrester, the number of Internet users is expected to increase 3% to over 280 million users globally.  This equates to a global Internet penetration rate of 77%. We expect the growth in Internet penetration to flow directly downwards to social network penetration, and for social networks to continue to penetrate existing Internet users.  Accordingly, ThinkEquity predicts that by 2012, social network penetration will increase from 63% to 70%.

Again, we believe that social games will gain momentum with both new and existing social network users.  Estimates predict that social network users will grow by 10%, or 30 million users, within the next two years.

Lastly, we believe that strong ARPU rates will contribute to growth in the social gaming marketplace.  Although ARPU rates for social games currently lag behind their traditional game counterparts, we expect new payments initiatives will close the gap.  Facebook is currently testing a universal payments system, which would allow users to buy credits and spend them across multiple games.  A highly anticipated release, John Pleasants has equated this system to the impact of 1-Click Ordering for Amazon.


Fun in Functional 2009

May 29, 2009 Leave a comment
Here is an presentation from Amy Jo Kim (PhD)
Putting the Fun in Functional
Applying Game Mechanics to Social Media

SGS 2008 Panel Discussion on Social Game Monetization

May 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Here is a good one hour panel about monetization in social games.