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SoPlay Ends – Triangle Starts

April 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Hello everyone,

The SoPlay research project has officially ended. We would like to thank every and all of You who have been part in this research project. We are continuing our research in the new Triangle project ( which focuses on revenue models, game design and player experience.

A short description from SoPlay results can be found here. It is a short report from fall 2010, describing our work in the project. Although the project is officially in its end, we are currently writing research papers based on our interview data. We expect to publish three-to-four papers in fall 2011 conferences (MindTrek 2011 most probably).

The work on SoPlay heuristics will continue in Triangle. Currently the heuristics are being revised based on the feedback from the MindTrek 2010 workshop and from a university course where 19 students evaluated social game based on the heuristics and other tools. In Triangle, we aim to merge the heuristics with behavioral economics and see what comes out of it.

We are attending CHI 2011 Workshop “Social Games Studies” which is organized by the group. From the Triangle side we have also participant in the Gamification workshop.

We will update this website till the end of the year. Thank You for being with us.

Have a nice day.