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Thank You for Successful Workshop!

SoPlay project arranged a full-day social games design workshop at the MindTrek 2010 conference on Friday 8th October. 11 international participants interested in social game design participated in the workshop, and based on the attendees’ feedback, everyone learned something new and considered the session as a success. Thank you all for attending and special kudos for the invaluable feedback!

The workshop was tutored by SoPlay project manager Janne Paavilainen, who briefly introduced the project  for the attendees. After introducing the project, focus shifted into the current state of SoPlay heuristics, which were used in the workshop. As a design exercise, the attendees formed groups of two-to-three members and selected a well known game as a base for the design process, which goal was to produce social game concepts with the help of SoPlay heuristics.

The design process started by defining the game fundamentals, considering the key features, interaction loops and offline progress mechanic to name a few. After pinning down the core fundamentals, the attendees worked with the SoPlay heuristics, defining how their social game concept addressed each heuristic. At the very end, the attendees worked a bit with business perspective issues such as acquisition, retention and monetization.

After the design process, the attendees presented their social game concepts which were briefly discussed. The workshop concluded with a questionnaire survey and closing discussion. Based on the survey and discussion, the attendees were pleased with the heuristics but there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Thank you all!

Click here to download the workshop presentation.

Click here to download the workshop design form.

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