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Workshop: Designing Social Games with SoPlay Heuristics

SoPlay project will hold a social games design workshop in MindTrek-conference on 8th Oct 2010. The workshop focuses on using SoPlay heuristics for designing social games concepts. The workshop will be tutored by SoPlay project manager Janne Paavilainen. See workshop details below.

Workshop brochure.

Workshop concept as PowerPoint slides.

Designing Social Games with SoPlay Heuristics is a one-day workshop where the participants will learn how to use SoPlay heuristics effectively in designing social network games (i.e. “social games) concepts for online social networks, such as Facebook.

The workshop features an introduction, a two phase design exercise and an evaluation discussion. First the ten SoPlay heuristics (Spontaneity, Interruptability, Continuity, Discovery, Virality, Narrativity, Expression, Sharing, Sociability and Competition) are presented with examples from current social games.  The workshop continues as the participants choose one AAA retail game title, which is used for ideating the theme for their social game concept. The work continues by following the SoPlay heuristics as each heuristic is taken under closer examination and design questions relating to that particular heuristic are presented. After ten heuristics and series of design questions, the participants should have a solid social game concept to be briefly presented and evaluated by others. As this workshop is part of the SoPlay research project, the heuristics and the methodology used in the workshop are also evaluated with discussion and questionaire form.

Tentative schedule:

  • 10.15          Introduction to the workshop and participants
  • 10.45          Introduction to SoPlay heuristics
  • 11:30          Design exercise, first part
  • 13:00          Lunch
  • 14:00          Design exercise, second part
  • 15:00          Discussion and evaluation
  • 16:00          Workshop closing

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