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PopCap Games Publishes Research on Social Gaming

PopCap Games has published a research concerning social games. The report is available here as PDF format.

Key Takeaways from page 57:

• Among the nearly 5,000 consumers who responded to the survey, more than 1,200 indicated they played games on social networking sites and platforms at least once a week

• Social game players average 43 years in age, with those in the US being significantly older (48) than those in the UK (38). Females are slightly more likely to play social games than males (55% vs. 45%).

• More than half (56%) have been playing social games for at least one year, with fun and excitement (53%), stress relief (45%) and competitive spirit (43%) being the primary reasons cited for playing social games.

• The majority (95%) play social games multiple times a week and log into Facebook or another site specifically to play social games about half of the time.
• 62% play social games with personal (real world) friends, while 43% play with a relative. The majority (76%) play with people their own age (+/- 10 years).
• Beyond the social interaction of social game playing people, like the competitive nature the most (59%), followed by the interactive game play (49%) and the opportunity to win prizes (35%).

• A combined 57% rely on word of mouth to learn about new games, followed by 38% who learn about new games from ads on the social networking sites. Those in the US rely more on recommendations, than those in the UK.

• Social gamers have played an average of 6.1 different social games. Half of those who have played PopCap’s Bejeweled Blitz feel it is more fun than other social games, 43% said it is more fast paced and 32% said it feels more like a pure game experience.

• The majority of social game players have reconnected with old friends, classmates and relatives as a result of playing games on social networking sites, while others have met new people who they continue to play games with in addition to corresponding and in rare cases meet in person.

Thanks to Hannamari for spotting this!

Have a nice day.

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